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  1. It's lump charcoal, I can't seem to get it to burn blue. I'll try breaking it up into even chunks next time.
  2. I cant get a blue flame with charcoal, i am using royal oak. whats the trick?
  3. As for blacksmith tools the only thing I don't have are tongs. Now that section below the blower duct, that slides open, I am guessing to regulate air flow?
  4. I think the handle was added at some point. there is a spot for a blower underneath. There is a Blacksmiths group not too far, I plan to contact them, Also currently the forge and anvil are being stored in my garage but I will be moving them into the workshop in back, I also have a large air compressor, do you think that might work with an adapter?
  5. Well I finally got my first forge, It's a rectangular 12 1/2" x 16 1/2" Champion forge I picked up off craigslist for $80. It's a tad rusty but a good solid 1/4" thick. sadly it has no blower. any suggestions for a cheap one?
  6. I've been to the different hardware stores where I live and none of them carry those items, the nearest distributor of firebrick is in orlando (70 miles away) so when you account for traveling it would cost quite a bit.
  7. I am mostly interested in Blades and metal art. I dont have the skills or resources to build a forge.
  8. I am seriously looking at buying this forge but I would like to know if any of you have any opinions on the quality of it, http://orlando.craigslist.org/tls/2742314825.html
  9. well it's taken a few real heavy hits with my 9lb hammer with no scuffs or marks of any kind, so I am happy with it.
  10. Oh so it's rare? How neat. I think I like my anvil even more now. :D
  11. . So who exactally was Henry Wright? There is very little to no info on these anvils.
  12. OK St. Pete is near Tampa which is about 80 miles on I-75
  13. OK, now the face of my anvil has the obvious wear and tear, it does have a good degree of hammer marks. should i try to smooth it? or do I leave it as is, and I think at some point it fell on the point of it's horn as it's a bit flat at the tip.
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