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  1. Actually this is a very good reproduction of a wrapped eye 'trade' axe from the Great Lakes fur trade. For the most part they were not American made but French and British. Here is a picture of three I have personally found the upper right one is early 18th century French. Very nice KYBOY thanks for sharing.
  2. Metal detecting is an excellent hobby, been doing it for 35 years. I primarily relic hunt now but started out combing the boulevards of my home town with a $25.00 machine I ordered from Montgomery Wards. Found a few silver coins and wheat pennies but was hooked for life. I think blacksmithing has had that effect on many people too and I'm sure I will succumb to it very soon. Welcome fellow treasure hunter.
  3. Thanks everyone. 100th birthday this year, nice! I'm from Minnesota. I have joined the Guild of Metalsmiths in St. Paul and am currently taking their beginner class. They offer quite a bit of instruction throughout the year, the only problem is distance, It's about 125 miles from my home.
  4. As the title states I'm a complete greenhorn beginner. There seems to be a lot of demand for anvils and although I would have liked something around half this size I ended up jumping on a 290 lb Hay Budden. The face has some dings but there is still a lot of real estate left to work with. I paid 500 bucks for it which seemed fair. I have included a few pics if anyone could give me any information about it I would appreciate it. Thanks. Jim
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