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  1. mind telling me how you made that amazing handle?
  2. hobby forger

    assembled 4

    how do you make a sheath like that?
  3. thank you guys for the information itll help alot in future blades :)
  4. it was made out of an old leaf spring an what do you mean by quenchant? i thought about it but i dont have the time you know im only 16, and i have school so maybe ill have time on the weekends maybe.
  5. ive given it a good tember of a about a hay brown color
  6. hey everyone i was wondering what parts are put into a friction folder. is it just like a blade parts or is it something totally different? could anyone give me some kind of plans or something to help me out :)
  7. hey guys i had made a new knife early a bit ago and i made it to about 4" handle and 3.5" blade. I'd like any comments as long as they arent mean directly to me haha.
  8. thank you for the picture i might go looking in the scrap yard for some parts
  9. thanks for the picture home many chainsaw blades did you use in the process i dont know how much to use.?
  10. greetings everbody im going to be making a trip to the scrap yard this summer here in MN and im going to look for somethings to make a new forge anyone got any ideas as to what i should look for for the firepot, the table and the tool holders. if anyone could give me some pictures to give me an idea it would be greatly apreiciated. :D
  11. hello everyone i am wondering what chainsaw damascus would look like and if it would make a good knife from it, if anybody has any pictures or details that might be helpful please and thanks :)
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