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  1. LarryHouse

    assembled 4

    Sheet stock, laid the blade on the sheet, drew a line around it. Added some room for the clearance and cut it out. Used the first for a pattern and made a second plate. Then I formed the edges over to make the shape. A weld around the seam and a quick grind to clean up the edges and there you have it. The bands were made up and hot drifted over the sheath.
  2. LarryHouse

    dagger parts

    A lady friend asked for a pirate dagger. I did a couple of basic sketches and she picked this style.
  3. LarryHouse

    dagger blade1

    Hard to see, but this blade has a "T" back to give it strength.
  4. LarryHouse

    assembled 2

    © Larry House

  5. LarryHouse

    assembled 1

    A friend asked for a dagger with a pirate theme. So I realize that this is not what most will call a "dagger" I think she will be happy with it.

    © Larry House

  6. I live on the edge of a swamp, but have never found any bog iron. Am I not looking under the right rock, no wait, we don't have any rocks here either. Just muck.
  7. LarryHouse

    Copper Rings

    Missed my chance to watch and learned this at FitS. Hope I can get to spend some time with you guys again sometime when I don't have as many distractions. Looking forward to it. Larry
  8. I would be interested in some copper, the purer the better as I want to melt it down and alloy it myself. Just let me know the cost of a flat rate box. Thanks! Larry
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