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  1. Thank you for the response. He was happy to hear that. I do wonder tough if the horn is a bit to beefy for a 1700?
  2. Hello there! A friend just bought an anvil and got one for free. And he is interessted in knowing some more info about them. I guess the first one is north german maybe? Its 120 kg and from 1912. The other one is... unknown. It has a weird construction. Straight on one side, and pretty deformed, but has a usable rebound and ring to it. Does anyone recognize what this anvil might be spesific to? And am I right that the first might be german? -Thank you for watching! -Jens
  3. You have a point there, but won´t wax melt or get some reaction with the skin, say for warm/ sour skinned people etc? Maybe a different version works better? my teacher talks alot about HM´s cheap matte- nailpolish. Haven´t tried it myself but i´ll give it a test! Maybe some higher quality spray laquer? For high stress items. Plows etc. There should probably be some clear car laquer around =)
  4. clear nail polish should work fine. ether on the whole piece or just the part against the skin. =)
  5. very lovely! Im having problem getting interested in architectural work. But this makes my finger itch.
  6. wow, that is really abused. Almost looked like someone did that on purpose! Do you know how it ended up like that? Blown up?
  7. only info is length 57 and height 30 (cm that is) As I have one similar looking (cast steel) with the same length, but 5 cm shorter I guess it to be about 60 kg as mine is 50. But then again, it seems to have a lot less mass at the waist.
  8. Greetings there! So I finally found that anvil magnet everyone is talking about and find them everywhere where I can acquire them:P Anyways. I found this one for sale and it made me wonder about the shape. I guess its just "another way" to do an anvil, but still, it looks like it has some german flare but with less mass distribution. Maybe specialises for a kind of work (farrier?). Does anyone recognize this kind of anvil/ where it might come from? http://www.finn.no/finn/torget/annonse?finnkode=50635591&searchclickthrough=true&searchQuery=ambolt -Jens (the newly awakened anvil addict)
  9. hah! It does have a flair of geometric architecture about it with the more "elegant" windows. So yea :P Maybe they should start using those kind of anvils in fantasy movies.
  10. I think the JEBs are Austrian. too sad about it beeing dead tough. The one I found did make some noice. I guess its cast without a steel plate. Cause it was still kicking.
  11. -DROOL- I don´t know what the angle is designed for. But I´ll find a use for it!
  12. oooooh! Thats a lovely one! One thing is sure, anvilmakers could have a fair shot at encrypting things. Theese systems are very queer. :P
  13. Thank you for the reply! Very interesting! I guess the numbers on the side indicate the weight of the piece then?
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