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  1. Thanks guys, and I'm using mild steel, I like trying to figure out how they made the items in the past, but these I dunno, I was thinking forum the blade and bent the barbs aside to make the socket
  2. I apologize, I searched and didn't come up with anything besides discussions, and I am on a mobile device
  3. I have been commissioned to forge some medieval heads, I've made the bodkins, the heavy bodkins and now they want some swallow tail heads, o told them I'd try but absolutely no promises, I'm mind boggled thinking on howbto forge them. I'm thinking they upset the stock and forged the edges then bent them out to make the socket, anyone have experience of can give a tutorial?
  4. I have kinda scrapped the blower, I have a bathroom fan, it seems easier, and a hair dryer. I'm thinking now of the internal of the forge, I have a flange welded to the bottom and nothing as a grate, I have some 3/16 thick plate, it's from a wood stove I'm thinking of drilling some holes and using it, what does everyone think? That or for a grate I have some 1/2 inch rod
  5. I'm using solid wood, and I'm thinking of a ball value to restrict the air, but the fart fan idea I saw a few never thought it would work lol
  6. Well I have had to build a new forge, first my neighbour called the fire department on me, I was heating my forge up, then I melted it.... Don't ask I don't know how. I'm looking for solutions on how to attach a bounce castle blower to a 2 inch pipe, I'm thinking a pvc flange and a flex hose to the air inlet for the forge, any advice?? The picture is the outlet on the blower
  7. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could make me some arrowheads, I cannot get at my forge and I would like to have a few heads to look at and use as a example and maybe try out :P, Im lookign to have some that will fit a 1oMM or 3/8 inch shaft, I can email you pictures but i will try to attach them here, Id like to have soem the same size as the ones on the shafts, i love them, and i have tried to grind some out, gut i cannot do it to that size, if you could do this for me, could you PM me here?
  8. I have seen one that your talking about Chuck, its 50 dollars LOL, xxxx home hardware, i was thinking a tapered punch or a center punch would do but finding one large enough is gonna be a problem in my local area, like in this video here http://youtu.be/RCuetibSwOg
  9. Hello all, I am loking to find where to buy, or someone who can replicate an arrowhead for me, it is what im tole styled after the Chippingham Type 2 arrowheads, I have asked a few smiths they said they couldnt do it, because the shape was milled, any advice would be great, here ate the pics
  10. Hello all im looking to find a mandrel for finishing arrow and spear sockets, can anyone give me advice on what size punch u should use to make this??
  11. nice, can you do arrow heads, spear heads or hawks??
  12. Sorry Thomas and Samcro, i was not sure what to start after the socket was formed, i got some answers, i make a bodkin and hammer with the head on the tips and draw out the blades and if i wanted a mid rib to hammer off to one side then do the same on the opposite side, correct me if im wrong P
  13. Looks good, i havent made any spear tips but a few bodkins and ive overlapped the socket, and im looking for madrels to use, can i use your design?
  14. Im having trouble ofter the socket to start forming the blade, can anyone help me figure this out?
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