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  1. To answer the original question, I'd use 15n20 and 108X (1080, 1085, etc). Stack up about 12 layers, forge weld them together, and then twist the billet several times. For higher layer counts, prior to twisting, you could cut the billet into equal lengths, stack them up, forge weld together, and then draw out and twist... To make the grips, use the existing grips as a pattern, and then get busy with the grinder, files, sand paper, and drill...
  2. Usually quite a bit more than I told my wife I paid for them!
  3. I forgot that this is the forum that assumes everyone is an idiot. Yes, I did a web search, as stated in my first sentence..., Yes I see that the company went out of business, etc... The QUESTION I had was about the age of this. I find references to LOTS of other models, but the 65A seems to be one model that isn't referenced. Also, most of the "Red Seal/Scale" embossing I see have "Guaranteed" on them, while this one does not. So, any ideas? In case anyone else is interested in the Red Seal/American Scale, here is a link... http://viseinfo.com/?page_id=10
  4. I got this vise from a family member and can't find any reference online about it. The picture with the writing says "American Red Seal No. 65A". It's around 75 pounds Anyone have any clue as to age?
  5. Yeah, I got lucky when I found this guy. He's always coming up with something. Last year he brought me some "junk" wood he had laying in his shop. Junky stuff like high figured walnut and some dunno wood. Makes for some very nice scales. Hmm, 12-pack, I may pay in advance and see what he finds.
  6. A friend of mine called me this morning and told me to check my email. He said he sent me a pic of a "box of junk" he gathered up for me. After I saw the pic, I told him it's not all junk and I'd pay him a little, he said to bring him a 6-pack and we'd call it even... I like the way he thinks!
  7. That looks great! I like the foot controls you have on it as well. I've been pondering a press like this, you have me inspired to gather some materials!
  8. CTaylorJr


    Not sure what happened. I selected the pictures, hit upload, and then was done. How do I delete the dupes? I can't find them.
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