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  1. Thank you and you have a Merry Christmas too. I'll get back to you all ASAP.
  2. The sword will be completely made of iron. I already said I don't care if I can't swing it. I just want a close replica of the actual blade on my wall with the rest of my swords. I will attempt to swing it at least once. And don't worry about me hurting myself or someone else by accident. I'm not 12. I will look into the different ways you guys said to polish the iron to make it reflective. This is a must. I'll probably get started on this either this weekend or during next week sometime. I'm off all week for vacation so this is the perfect time to get started. I will definitely post pictur
  3. I talked to my dad a little while ago and he's in on making the sword. I told him about making it out of aluminum but he didn't know if it would be cheap. So we're going to use some flat iron that he has at his job. It's free so that's the way I'm going. Like I said this is for decoration so I'm not worried about swinging it to accomplish 6 hit combos or anything. Since we're going to use flat iron I decided we were gonna make the thing a little more complex in design. So we've switched from making the original buster sword to something similar to the fusion buster sword that was in Advent Chi
  4. Well does anybody have any idea what metal they used in that video? Was it just some kind of iron or what? I'm going to make this even if I can't swing it but one time. I don't care about that. I just want a buster sword to hang on my wall that is very very close to the actual thing in size. I don't care if it weighs 100 pounds, what kind of metal should I use that won't cost so much. I'm not making a wooden sword, I'm making a metal sword. Did the guys in the video use aluminum? I like Sephiroth's Masamune Sword but I can buy that online for a little over 100 dollars and it would be an exac
  5. Thanks Rich, it seems that I may have to use a metal that is good only for display. I never really intended to cut wood with this thing I just wanted it strong enough to stand the test of time. I guess I should have left the cutting wood thing out of my explaination up above. A good metal fit for a display weapon that will let me at least swing the thing around much like my other swords that I have mainly for display is what I'm looking for I guess. Grinders and band saws were tools that I was planning on using just like you mentioned. I'm not gonna shape the thing from a huge chunk of steel,
  6. http://cdn2.ioffer.com/img/item/128/274/999/CxthpcrJYaUmKaw.jpg I am going to attempt to construct this massive sword in my spare time, but I don't know what kind of metal to use. I don't need the sword to be extremely durable because i'm not gonna be doing any kind of combat with it. But I would like to be able to cut wood with it if I wanted to. So I need to find a metal that's strong, light, keeps a decent edge, doesn't dent easily, and won't cost me an arm and a leg. This is mainly for show but like I said, I'd still like to be able to cut wood with it and swing it around for a while wit
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