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    Forging, welding, general tinkering with equipment and reloading. Not much that I am not interested in. I am a avid outdoors man and enjoy hunting and fishing when the opportunity arises.


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    I am a avid outdoorsman who is stuck inside most days at work.
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  1. Hey, Have not been on the last few days. I have been out locating spalted wood for knife scales and such. Out of all the wood I gathered I was able to gather enough spalted wood to make allot of handles. I have already placed a few in the vacuum chamber and they are drying now. Figured I would give it a few days to dry well. I had found a rather large piece of spalted wood and took it to a lumber company to cut it for me as it was too large for my saws and in the process of talking to the guy and getting to know each other, he gave me several huge chunks of exotic walnut and a old saw blade
  2. That is a nice knife! Can wait to see the others you post.
  3. Hi Glenn...sent u a PM a few minutes ago !!

  4. Finally was able to polish up a section of a Damascus billet I made from chainsaw blades. I forge welded it on a coal forge. This is my third billet I have made from them but it is the best one yet. First two had several inclusions and rough areas (mostly around the tip and near the back of the billet) but this round I tied up my blades evenly as I could before tack welding the edges. The results were much better. Keeping the chainsaw blades immobile as possible seems to be the trick for me. I will forge it down a little further and make my tang later this week if weather permits. This has bee
  5. Steve, I did not see your sticky. I had prowled around looking and found contradicting/incomplete information and one that was beyond my capabilities to perform. It was also very complicated for a backyard smith. I may have not entered the right phrase or word to locate your sticky. I will look again. I enjoy reading as much as possible on a subject then trying my hand at it but some things require tons of cash and equipment. I had seen one sticky during my searches that said to treat chainsaw bade Damascus as 1084 steel and again I found incomplete explanations or over the top info beyond m
  6. I just forge welded a billet out of chainsaw blades. I did it on a coal forge. It seams to have worked out fine and I am going to forge the knife blade tomorrow. Question I have is this....how do you harden and temper Chainsaw blade Damascus? I have not found any clear answers so far in my searches. I am a back yard smith without any fancy tools to work with so my method of doing things has to be with simple tools with a little trial and error. I was thinking of simple preheated oil quench (full dip or edge quench) and 3 cycles in a oven at 400 degrees. Dose this sound correct?
  7. I live in Hiddenite, North Carolina. Sorry but forgot to mention that. Used to profile showing where I am from. Thanks for all the input guys.
  8. Hey guys, I have newb question. I just finished the shell to my forge and added the Inswool (I have not added the ITC-100 to the wool yet) and I installed the burner that I picked up from Ellis knife works. The lining is two layers thick and the burner flare stick into the wool about 1 layer. I formed a funnel shape into the liner to help hold the flame. Once I fired it up, I closed the back with soft fire brick and it started heating up. At 5 psi, it got the flat steel up to orange heat rather quick. I then noticed that the flare was at a orange heat as well when I looked up into the burner.
  9. Found a couple places that have all the plumbing supplies needed to make a burner except for the Stainless steel flare. http://www.mrsupply.com/ has everything to make propane burner. http://www.drillspot.com/products/670441/anvil_international_inc_0310067202_wye has the Wye connector to make a burner similar to a burner I saw on another web site. Took forever to dig the parts out that I will need but they are there. Hi Temp and Ceramicfiber online sell in large quantities only it seems. To much for the small projects I am working at. Maybe in the future when I have more money at my di
  10. OK, I have been looking around the web for forge making supplies. Zoeller Forge is closed for awhile due to medical issues and Ellis custom knife works is out due to severe shipping problems (Took 5 months for my last order). So where can I find suppliers that carry items to build forges such as refractory, gas fittings (hoses, gauges ext...) Prefer places that let you order online via Credit card or PayPal but will work with others. Basically a one stop shop for all my forging needs (if any exist) but will go with multiple vendors is necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I am looking for a little hands on guidance in smithing. I have tried locating a smith close to my area here in Taylorsville North Carolina but have been unsuccessful. I used to do a little forging about 20 years ago on the family farm. I want to do a little blade smithing and forge my own tools. Long drives are hard for me due to work so the closer to my area the better. I am constructing my own coal forge and collecting the essentials for getting started up again. I want to make my own Gas forge in the near future but I have never seen one in operation. So, anyone who would be interested
  12. Thanks for the welcome. I was planning on editing my info later today. Time got away from me last night. Never seem to have enough time anymore :/
  13. Hello all! New to the site and wanting to get back into forging. I used to use a forge in my youth for making horse shoes and bush axes with my father. Now I want to start making knives again. Going to make myself a wheel forge...cheap Have a large selection of deer antler that I want to use. Information is now readily available now with internet and I can
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