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  1. Hi Cindy If you can get hold of a piece of railroad track, you could just weld on a horn(You could use a small mandrel)and punch a hardy and pritchel hole. Jordan
  2. Hi Minion Many blacksmiths prefer to use oil as it quenches a little lower than water, you should probably get a second opinion as I learnt this from 2 books and a smith. Hope this helps. Jordan
  3. Hi Smithy That's really good! I can't even machine weld well, and now you show me this. How long did it take you to make? What tools did you use(If you tell me hammer and anvil I'll dislocate my jaw.LOL Jordan
  4. Hi Dodge, I was on the phone, please come to live chat.

  5. Hi Harold Woah! Slow down a bit, I've forged a grand total of 12 times (LOL) and I cant upset,punch or cut without a lot of help. To me, and every other blacksmith I've talked to, drawing-out, also called drawing-down, is the first step to bacoming a blacksmith. Every book I know of starts with drawing-out. Dont feel bad, the first time I forged, I tried to make a knife, and burnt the steel,even with expert help! My advice is, practice basic techniques, I also think you should get a book or three on blacksmithing, you can never have too many. You should get a book called "The Complete Blacks
  6. Hi Shane
    In reply to your blog.
    I dont know about deer-horns, but if you have a hollow "handle" you make a slightly longer tang, put it into the horn and fill with resin,(I dont know what type, but a guy who makes knives the "modern way" told me about this method.

  7. No-way could I do ANYTHING that good at the moment. GOOD WORK Brian! :D Jordan
  8. Hi John Thanks for the info, will do a spark test, I intend to forge it to shape. Could I conver it to a hardy by welding on a square shank? I'll post a pic of it before and after conversion(this might take a while). Jordan
  9. Hi Guys I kinda need a hot cut and have a top fuller I've never used, wanted to know if I can make it into a hot-cut. I don't know if its made of tool-steel. Any help is appreciated. Jordan
  10. Hi Cris I'm not really experienced(only about 12 days blacksmithing!)but a lot of guys like to weld a tool steel face onto a mild steel body. This method is only a tiny bit less durable than a solid steel hammer. I don't think the hammer it will work-harden if it is made of mild or low carbon steel as your anvil is made from steel with a higher carbon content than mild steel. Hope this helped! Jordan
  11. Thanks Thomas I want to make a punch and chisel for hot cutting and punching mild steel. The car springs come from a landrover defender. The spring is about a half inch (1,3)cm thick, but I think I have a thicker one Thanks Jordan
  12. Hi Guys Kinda new to blacksmithing, I need a punch + chisel, but dont if I can use a car spring or old rasp. I can shape it but will need help to harden + temper. Any suggestions? Jordan
  13. the other was $2 and i picked it up because i have not seen one before. the antique dealer thought it was is for sheet metal. (qoute) it seemed rather heavy for sheet metal. and the back looks like it had been hammered on. That's definately a top-fuller, I picked one up recently. It seems to be in good condition. Jordan
  14. Hi bud
    Second message ever I have sent!

  15. Hi Wim! Got accepted to I Forge Iron today(my Dad forgot to send the validation E-mail). Just wanted to say hello,

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