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  1. i use this one. its $18 at Harbor Freight.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I bought a tire hammer and got in in the garage yesterday. going to finish the base tomorrow morning. Cant wait to try it out.
  3. thank y'all for the information. I am tracking down a 1 in plate now.
  4. Will a Garage floor hold up to a Clay Spencer Tire Hammer
  5. I have a garage shop (2 car garage) and am looking at getting a tire hammer. dose anyone have advice on how to install the power hammer? I am not sure how thick the concrete is in my garage. would mounting it to a large plate work to keep it from walking? thanks
  6. I will give that a try the next time i get out in the shop.
  7. I have just starting making these roses. the first 3 are 1/4 stock the last one in 3/8 stock. I have a ways to go in getting the initial roll tighter.
  8. My shop is 1/2 a two car Garage.... My shop is is neat enough to be useful. It does need a good sweeping but I know where all my tools are. I need to organize my stock. I am trying to convince my wife to let me take over the rest of the garage
  9. they look cool. what size stock did you use? what size do they hold?
  10. thanks for all the advice. i till work on it this weekend.
  11. i forgot to mention that he wants the mouthpiece forged so he can take it to civil war and fur trader events.
  12. I have been asked to make a blow pipe with a hook near the end to be able to adjust logs in a campfire. He gave me some 1/2" square tubing to make it. any suggestion for how to make the mouthpiece for this?
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