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Shawn Pauw

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    Henley/Meyerton/Walkers Fruit Farms
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    My son "Jordan - 12 yrs old" wants to do blacksmithing!!!!
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    Bowhunting, Fishing, Quading...etc
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    Metal display stands. Wire work.
  1. Hi bud
    Second message ever I have sent!

  2. Hello buddy...
    I'm the first to send you a message;)

  3. lmfao... the council wants me to do an Environmental Impact Assessment for the chickens on my plot... *shakes head in disbelief*

  4. Hi there Kevin, Just need to make contact with someone else in the "Henley-Meyerton" area. My son (Jordan- 12 yrs old) is very keen on smithing and so I want to build a forge at my plot in Walkers Fruit Farms. Would be great to meet the local guys around here and get some input on my setup. Regards Shawn

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