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  1. Shane,All natural materials have their own little idiosyncrasies.Here in Africa we use lots of them,ivory warthog tooth and giraffe bone being popular.All have one commonality and that is that they don't like heat.I have used Sambar stag on a big double edged toothpick.belt ground it to shape very carefully keeping it cool by pausing time to time.same with drilling for rat tail tang.

  2. Hi Shane
    In reply to your blog.
    I dont know about deer-horns, but if you have a hollow "handle" you make a slightly longer tang, put it into the horn and fill with resin,(I dont know what type, but a guy who makes knives the "modern way" told me about this method.

  3. shane

    First Damascus

    i am trying damascus am struggling alot
  4. shane

    chainsaw chain knife

    nice would like to see how thats done
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