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  1. Fastenal will ship internal store to store but there is no promise as to the time. Check with the motor freight companies for less than full load rates. Just be sure it is secured to a pallet and well protected. There are companies out there that specialize in one off items.
  2. Connecticut Antique Machinery Association - 36th Annual CAMA Fall Fire-Up When: Saturday -Sunday, Sept. 24-26th, 2021 Where: C.A.M.A. 31 Kent-Cornwall Rd., Kent, CT
  3. Northeast Blacksmith Seminar: When: Saturday -Sunday, Sept. 24-26th, 2021 Where: Ashokan Reservoir, Olivebridge, NY
  4. New England Bladesmith Sword Seminar: When: Saturday - Sunday, Sept. 17-18th 2021 Where: Ashokan Reservoir, Olivebridge, NY
  5. NEXT MEETING Meeting Info: When: Saturday, October 16th, 2021 1pm-5pm Where: Guilford Art Center 411 Church Lane, Guilford, CT What: Meeting Business, Multiple Demos, Merch Delivery What you need to know: While we are optimistic we are still being cautious. As this meeting is indoors we would like to request everyone please wear their masks while attending the meeting for your safety as well as everyone else's. We are excited to be back in-person, but we are still thinking about everyone's safety.
  6. Do not have a smaller pipe? If you tell us you can not do something, you are right, you have already decided that you can not do it. Instead, figure out a way to use what you have to make what you need. Your a blacksmith, heat up the end of the pipe you do have and swage it down to a smaller diameter. Calculate the internal area and make the new opening round, square, rectangular, etc with the internal area you want.
  7. Try using a 3/4 inch or 19mm pipe. Extend it an inch or two past the wall.
  8. Das, hang on to that strapping as it can be used as cross bracing on some projects.
  9. Try one change at a time and see what happens. If you like it, keep it, if not, change it to something you like better. First add more fuel to the existing set up. If the fuel burns down below the top of the sides, add more fuel. If you need to raise the sides, add more bricks. Forge with the new set up for a while and see how it works. Then change one item and forge with that for a while and see how it works. And so on. You seen to be trying to overcompliment simple. No reason to try to cut and shape bricks, just use whole bricks. No reason to angle the air pipe down because it will create a chimney when the air starts flowing back up the pipe. What we are trying to accomplish is to create a fireball larger than a ping pong ball with maybe 3-4 pieces of charcoal burning blazing hot. That can only heat the end of something and only heat a distance the size of the ping pong ball. Create a fire large enough to heat the size metal you are using and for a length that you can forge in one heat, maybe 4-6 inches. If the firebox needs to be deeper, simply stand the bricks on their ends. If it needs to be longer, add another brick. Slow down. Add more fuel and see what happens when you apply a little gentle air. Get back to us with the results.
  10. I only see two issues with the anvil. There is no anvil stand, and no hot iron being hit on the anvil (grin).
  11. The pipes are all the same age and in the same environment. Replace the entire gas main under the house and check any risers to each appliance for corrosion. When your finished, pressure test the entire system.
  12. What size if the air pipe going into through the brick into the forge? Suggestions are to add more charcoal, enough to be almost level with the top of the sides of the forge. Fuel does not make the fire hot, air makes the fire hot. When you have more fuel you can then control the amount and shape of the fire with the air. Gentle air is best. This can be done with your current set up. After more fuel, raise the air pipe say 2 inches above the floor of the forge. Going to the next smaller pipe size will help as it will create more of a forward air blast, and move the fire from the end of the pipe. All this should create a fire ball that would fill the gap between the side wall bricks. The sweet spot of the fire should then be 3/4 up the side walls. The fire should be just a bunch of glowing embers, with no aggressive burning. Fire does not make the metal hot, the heat transferred from the glowing embers make the metal hot. You got a good start, you just need more fire.
  13. So we can make it better than it was before.
  14. Offer the product or service to your customer knowing it is the best you can do. With a years practice and experience you will be able to offer a product that is again the best you can do, and the second one should be an improved version. Like S hooks, the first one will always be rough, number 10 should be better, and number 25 should be better still. Can YOU tell the difference between the S hooks that were made free hand on the anvil and those made using a jig? Will one hold more weight than another? Can you tell which one you modified from a S hook into a J or C hook to please the customer or match their needs? The price difference should reflect the increased cost of materials, and your improved skill and expertise.
  15. When bending 1" square tubing into a 7' diameter half-circle, remember that metal likes to spring back and not hold exactly to the curve of the jig. You can bend against the jig and then heat the metal to relax it a bit and avoid some of the spring back. Or make the jig smaller than the intended bend so it accounts for the spring back. That 7' diameter half circle will take some 11 feet of material, but you will need extra material to make the circle beyond half to deal with the straight sections on either end of the half circle. Once bent you can then cut any extra material and the straight sections off. Do not to forget to build a bending fork to fit that project with a proportionally longer lever arm. It will make your life easier. (grin)
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