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Colored steel

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tough call. Titanium can be either heat or electro-colored, even to a green but it won't keep a good edge, no where near good enough for a shaving razor that will be used. as for good steels ? Sorry.

where did this guy get that idea anyway?:confused:

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I think the only way you'll be able to achieve that result would be with a baking lacquer. I've never used any myself, but I have seen it used by Ed Caffery on some of his damascus to give some wild colors (including green). Brownells makes some, though I don't know if they have your particular color (looks like they cary more camo based colors for firearms), but somebody makes green. The baking lacquers bake on at about 300-350 F so they won't ruin the temper of the blade. I also can't really comment much on the durability of the coating, it is suppose to be "scratch resistant" and I know it would hold up better than paint, but I'd imagine it is still limited.

Im sure if you research baking lacquers you'll be able to determine if they are what you are after.


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Travis Wuerts uses the baking lacquer from brownells and dose a very light sanding with a fine sand paper to expose the nickel highlights. The lacquer holds up very well and I saw a few knives and they still looked new.

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