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Radial Neuropathy----Long story.


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January 14th, I woke up with my right hand in a pins and needles numbness that stayed all day.
The next morning, I awoke to the same thing, AND severe pain in my entire right arm.
I maned it out over the weekend hoping I just pinched something, but Monday morning I was in such pain I could not even brush my teeth. Ever tried to brush lefty when you are a righty. Don't work.
Called the doc. Head and neck xrays. Nothing. Told me to rest it off.
Three days later I said enough. Gotta try something else.
This time a MRI. Nothing.
Ever had a MRI. It is like being a battery in a flashlight. They last 20 minutes. 5 minutes into mine, my right arm started to spasm so bad I almost pushed the panic button, but realized if I did, I would have to start over. When the machine stopped and spit me out, I jumped off the table and screamed.
Next was a neurologist. Did the Carpel test, the Ulnar test, and the Radial test. They connect the ground clamp from a Lincoln 140+ to your hand, crank it up, and hit different parts of your arm with the stinger to see how you react.
At least thats what it feels like.
The Radial nerve that travels down your arm, wraps around the elbow, and ends up in the index finger is not happy.
Physical therapy. I was spectical at first, but after only 2 sessions of the therapist digging her fingers in to my arm and causing intense pain, I am finally starting to get back to normal.
They havn't released me to go back to the hammer yet, but she said 1 more week, and I should be good to go.
Every time I walk by my forge, I start to shake. I can't wait.

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What were you doing the day before all this started? Try to figure out what caused the problem and try not to do it again. (grin).

Best of luck with the physical therapy and getting things back to working order. Don't start back to forging till you get the ok and then go real slow till you figure out how to do it without injury.

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They have been able to tell me they doubt that forging caused it.
Could have bumped it wrong, slept on it wrong, don't really know.
All I know is for 6 weeks it hurt like HE double toothpicks!
The pain is all but gone, the tingling is still there, but going away.

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Never known a person with a radial nerve problem, but have lost a horse to it. Glad that you're on the mend. As they said, a horse (or person) can bump a gate, lay on a rock - more likely to be pressure caused than movement caused. Recovery should be fairly quick, good luck.

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for those that don't know what radial nerve pain is like.

A short overly simplified version of this is when you hit your "funny bone" that IS the radial nerve crossing over the elbow. Except at least that goes away reasonably soon.

Pray you get this mess sorted out Brother.

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I'm glad they figured it out and are able to treat it.

I've had a sciatica attack that lasted a couple weeks and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Follow the doc's orders, do the PT, etc. all the usual advice and get well soon.

I'll say a word for you.


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