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I Forge Iron

A couple of new ones...


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A small fixed-blade pocket knife...tire tool steel, spalted cherry scales, brass pins and braided leather lanyard.

A "blacksmith" knife with twisted and scrolled handle, also from tire tool.

I am starting to like this...someone please stop me before I butcher any more innocent tire tools...;)

thanks for looking...bart

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Nice looking knives.

Hate to say this, but it's too late. Your hooked. Pretty soon you'll be looking at coil & leaf springs and old files with a glaze in your eyes. Seeing knives & all sorts of sharp pointy things............ join the club.

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I like the one without the scales the most.

Kevin, to be honest, if you don't know what's in the steel, easiest way to find out if can hold an edge, etc.. Cuz I piece off, grind an edge on it, HT, and see how it does, use the file test, temper at 350 for an hour.

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Thanks for the kind comments. Not sure of the type of steel in the tire irons. By the way, what I am calling a tire iron or tire tool is one of the "L" shaped tools with a screwdriver end for popping hubcaps and a socket for lug nuts. I have found several at flea markets for less than a dollar apiece. Steel may vary from one manufacturer to the other. Anyway, I have found them to work well over a fairly wide range of heats. To use it for knife-making (total of 4 blades so far) I aneal in ashes overnight then forge to shape. Then do file work, shaping edge to within 1/32 inch or so, polish bevels to 220 grit, etc. Then normalize in calm air x 3. Harden in oil. Temper by heating back of blade on red hot chunk of steel till edge runs to dark bronze. Then quench in oil.

Hope this helps...I am really a newbie at this although I have learned a lot from you guys. thanks a bunch...bart

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