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Nice looking knife but i'm am wondering why you just clayed the center of the blade and did not go for a softer spine?


Bob, I am starting to harden the spines on my knives. The center section is still soft.
I have an old bowie I made a long time ago and I use it to drive through some hart pine kindling and the spine has mushroomed out quite a bit. I know this is abuse of the knife, but that is how I use it.
I don't have a hardness tester but I think I have the spine just a little softer than the edge.
I kinda like the way it looks. Edited by bg7m
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That is one beautiful knife! The hamon is spectacular and I love the lines. It looks like one of those that you just wouldn't want to put down. I really like the angle of the guard in relation to the blade, and the junction of the bottom of the guard and handle. Basically, I love the whole thing!
Great job and thanks for sharing.

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