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New patch knife/skinner


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Strantor: yes there is a spacer. It is just a leather washer. When I am assembling the handle I use a slightly thinner piece of leather between the handle material and guard when I drill the hole for the pin. When I am ready for final assembly I use a thicker piece of leather. It causes the holes to be slightly misaligned, so I taper the pin, apply a good 2 ton 30 minute epoxy and tap the pin in place. It snugs everthing up real tight. I use the epoxy as insurance and to fill in any voids inside the handle. I make the entire knife by hand with the exception of a hand drill to drill the pin hole and help hollow out the handle. Sometimes I just can't seem to get the handle to lie flush with the guard. The spacer helps fill in any gaps as well. Here is another knife with leather spacers.

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Aquafortis use to be avaiable not sure if it is any more they may have started producing it again . It is nitric acid to make it usable for wood staining you add bits of metal to it as it desolves the metal it will fume , and if I recall correctly it will get to the point were it wont desolve the steel it is ready to use . My friend used old barb wire fence that was rusty . You need to do this out side some where were the fumes wont attack paint or be breathed in if of course you want to make your own ,first you need to buy the nitric acid wich can be tricky in its self . Track of the Wolf may sell the aquafortis ready to use the muzzle loader builders use it on the curly maple gun stocks because it makes the curly grain or tiger stripes in the wood pop out and look nice

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I bought some aquafortis from Old Thunder manufacturing about ten years ago(yes, it still works and goes a long way on knife handles). I also have made my own by dissolving steel wool in nitric acid. I used a glass jar, filled it half full with nitric acid and dissolved as much 0000 steel wool as it would take. Do this outside!!!!!!!!!! The fumes can be nasty. Hershel House uses this formula for making aqua fortis which he uses on his muzzleladers. I also have found an online source for the stainhttp://www.buffalobillsshootingstore.com/accessories/html

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