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I Forge Iron

March 2006


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This month show us what you can create from a Rail Road Spike. The one I have here is 5/8" square and 6" long. In case you can not get a rail road spike, you may substitute 7" length of square bar from 1/2" (12mm) to 3/4" (18-19mm) in size.

You may use several spikes to make a project, but if you substituting square bar, you must cut it to 7" in lenght and the join the pieces back together to make a longer piece. This is just to be fair to the rest of us with the short RR spikes.

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This is the start - a fire rake tool. Three spikes welded together, twisted full length, one spike head intact, the second shaped for the rake, the third drawn and welded into the middle for the length. Of course painted appropriate to find on a pile of coal. RR%20Spike%20Fire%20Rake.JPGhttp://webpages.charter.net/richardthibeau/RR%20Spike%20Fire%20Rake%203.JPGRR%20Spike%20Fire%20Rake%204.JPG

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