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I Forge Iron

Hello from Nashville, Arkansas


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Greetings. I have been toying with knife making since I was about 12. Made my first knife then which was a file ground down and attached to a deer horn base by pressure only. It was a gift for my dad. I've still got it. I have tinkered with making knives since then but never gotten serious about it. I accrued about 60 days of leave last year and have been off for the last month or so and most of my days have been spent working on knives. In truth, mostly study and research. I've made a few with good results and am hooked. This is great to finally be doing something I've wanted since childhood. I have learned much on this site. Thanks for all the advice and guidance. I'm certain I'll have more questions as I go along. Hopefully I will be able to contribute somethin as well.

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