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  1. machine sleeve bearing to o d and I d cutout section.
  2. Anyone running a niles bement????

    i run a niles-bement pond lathe if that counts.
  3. How to build a "Ram Rod" for adjustable tywere

    if you drill a small hole in the saw kerf the chips will have some place to go and you can saw steel as thick as inside of saw.
  4. 100 gallon tank

    A 100 pound cylinder gives the liguid gas time to turn to vaper and not freeze up.
  5. Hello from Nashville, Arkansas

    hello and welcome to ifi
  6. Greeting

    hello welcome abord ifi.
  7. Ice storm 2009 at ptree's house

    Ice storm in arkansas to no power for 7 days .get out the camping gear .lite the wood stove in the crawl space under the house and let the heat rise through the floor.lanterns, dutchovens,gas water heater,but missed the tuesday night blue print.
  8. Compressed air piping

    I plumed the air in my shop with 1'' sch 40 pvc.25 years ago still working fine. I run 200 psi. Just allow room at each end of run for expansion . It gets longer when the shop warmes up.the first 10' is steel for heat build up.I have drop legs for moisture traps where they drop from ceiling hung main line.I also have second tank for more volume at far end of main to help large impact hammer.
  9. Beeswax and Linseed oil

    I dip mine in cooking oil,wesson, at a black heat. this makes a nice black finish.used veggy oil is fine,and eddible for those cooking tools. can't raise bees highly alergic to them.
  10. Safety glasses for forging...

    do they make safety glasses that are period corect ?????hum I wonder?????
  11. Rose Napkin Rings

    very nice work.Being the hillbilly that I am, what size is a good size for a napkin ring?
  12. Your leaf key fobs style.

    I make my leaves by vaineing with a chisle[less tools to carry to demo,more variation].How do we access new bluprints if we miss the tuesday night showing?
  13. Your leaf key fobs style.

    a blueprint would take toooooooo about some pointers here.I really like that oak leaf,great workmanship.
  14. the brass hammer will leave brass on work though.
  15. a sharp cutter in the hardy hole works with a brass hammer.spoons ,anything with an indentacion ,pipe end,large nut,bearing race,foot of anvil,mouse hole.