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HELP!!! Brazing question.


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Hi tech413. I think it will work. I use a National 3A hand torch for brazing with propane. If you are using an oxy-acetylene torch, it may be hard to light the tips if you flow propane, since the flame will try to jump off the end. You could always try. There are two tricks. One, point the tip at a junk piece of rusty steel and light the propane stream bouncing off it. Two, give it just a tiny bit of oxygen along with the propane. I have never tried either of these tricks. Maybe I should someday, since I have only read about them.

Like Flaming S Forge said, those mapp gas torches could help. They work great, especially if helped out with a couple of forge burners and insulation (firebricks/fiberglass, I dislike packing loose kaowool). Once upon a time, I brazed a burner fitting with brass using only a propane torch!!! I did it by packing all the parts in wood ash and only exposing the area to be brazed. The propane flame will blow the wood ash around, so you need to sprinkle a thin layer of sand on top. What can I say? It worked great :D

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