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TV Stand

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Hey guys, I'm wanting to build an anvil stand using traidtional joinery this spring/summer, and I was wondering if 3/4" is good enough for the legs and support. It'd just be twisted in different forms/patterns. But also, does anyone have any pictures or anything of a simple one, or maybe a little bit fancy???

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Be careful when adding twists and bends to material, for structural elements a twist bend or scroll can add a weak point. Compression strength in straights are pretty easy to determine but when you add a bend or twist it changes.

Example: Take a straight 1/2 square two foot long you can lean on it all day, but if you add a 25 degree bend and lean on it, it will bend at that point.

There is one easy way around this, build basic "structural" elements and "embellish" with decorative elements. Build a frame and attach your pretty stuff to it.

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I would suggest putting the decorative twists in the vertical members, I made a chair at a class, and the instructor was pretty clear about that. And as for the slip in language, i.e anvils stand vs. tv stand, it is pretty clear that you are a prime candidate for blacksmiths anonymous. One of the first signs is smithspeak, a condition where many of your statements are found to be related in one form or another to smithing. My spouse has had enough of me saying " well we better strike while the iron is hot".

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