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gas regulator


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F & G Distributing

ask for one of the 0-30 fisher style red regulators
have them get you the piece that goes into the tank
a 0-30 psi gague
and the piece that lets you hook the hose up

Really nice lady runs the place and I think they ship.
I have bought over 20 regulators from them over the years with no problems with proper use. (always turn off the gas at the regulator or you can damage the diaphragm when you turn it back on)

I mail ordered the first five off ebay and realized they were local to me.
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I finally got tired of the poor performance of the standard propane regulators and just switched both my NC 4 burner and Chile 2 burner over to using ''Smith'' brand high output fuel gas regulators. The difference is literally like night and day, those forges really roar and put out the heat.
I was advised that a standard acetylene regulator cannot safely put out the volume and pressure to run a larger size propane forge or oxy/propane rosebud.
The Smith regulators ran about $75 each at my welding supplier, but have paid it back in short order due to higher heat output and faster forging cycle time.
The forges and torch are plumbed into a line system of 3/4'' iron pipe with a shut off valve and a dirt leg just before the regulator. The line is fed by a 500 gallon tank at an output pressure of 35 psi

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thanks for the replies, I can see if you are running 4 burners you would need something with a higher volume output. I won't be running more than 2, I went to lowes and looked at the hose, they wanted $35 for it. Any ideas where to get that cheaper? The hardware stores around here don't sell the propane valves that are adjustable. thanks. kevin

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