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The "Basics"


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In your opinion. What are the basic fundamentals a novice needs to master before moving on to the infamous "sword" :roll: , or any other stereotypical hand forged item. I know in my learning process so far the basics are always present, and repetition is making them second nature...

Also what are some basic items a novice can practice on to master these basic skills?


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OK so you should have hammer control down.

But those hooks were probably mild steel; working high carbon you will need to learn forging temp ranges, heat treat, finishing, hilting, sheath/scabbard making (*NO* blade should leavy your shop without some type of sheath---even if you are sending it to the sheath maker!)

You have much better turnover time learning all this on knives---you can put in a lot more time forging 1 sword and ruin it in heat treating and still not know what went wrong or ruin a bunch of knives learning the basics in less time.

Why folks assume their first time forging a sword will come out right I never know---like assuming the first time you drive a car you are ready to win a road race...


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If I read your post right you are not interested in making a sword at all but rather wanting to know what are the basic exercises that would further your hammer control and expand your smithing abilities.
If thats the case do what insrgn suggest plus make some nails and rivetts
practice putting heads on rivetts / there are a multitude of uses for rivetts in blacksmithing that you cant allways use a factory made rivett on such as hinges and the like

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