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OK, i have recived many sugetsions on the site sayng that i should do some reading up, i find it rude to disregard this advise. i mean, you can never know too much right? anyway in my first post on the site i got a lot of helpful info along whith two sugested reads "The Blacksmith Primer and DIY Backyard Blacksmithing, by Lorelei Sims. i was wondering if there were any other books i should consider looking into.;) all sugjestions are apreciated:)

thanks scincerily---JS:D

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If you are serious about learning swords, then "the $50 knife shop, by Wayne Goddard" is one of the best for starting out with out getting a major bank loan. Even the price of the book is a good deal at $9.95 at Amazon, last I looked.

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The New Edge of the Anvil, Andrews and the The Art of Blacksmithing, Bealer are 2 books that I find to be very imformative.

I plan to use The Blacksmiths Craft as an exercise book.

The Blacksmith Primer seemed to repeat many things from previous works: the author states that it is imformation from other sources as well as experience.

The Sims book lacks depth IMO. Still worth owning and reading.

My take on reading is not that you can never know too much, but rather points out what I don't know. The more I read the more I find how little I know.

From repetative reading of everything I can get my hands on and reading this forum everyday and often checking in here several times a day I hope to gain a sense of confidence. I am using this book learning and forum as a source to bolster me up when making mistakes that are a part of the learning process.

Instead of saying to myself, "I can't do this, it isn't turning out right." I can say, "the next one will probably be better." I can go back to the books and to this forum and hopefully find out where the sticking point was, then try it again.

I'm in this for the long haul. Not everyone is like me, but if I just jump in and start whacking metal around I may just push it aside "for another day." If I invest a lot of thought and effort in reading and setting up what I have at my disposal I will be building a strong foundation. I can't tell you how many times I have attempted various projects and partway in cried, "If only I had the right tools this wouldn't be so hard!"

I have been working to this point for close to forty years. I don't have any idea where it will take me, but I owe it to myself to give myself a decent shot.

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The New Edge of the Anvil, and Mark Aspery's book The Skills of a Blacksmith. I agree with Matt about The Backyard Blacksmith but I think as a first book it is good with lots of pretty projects. It is just that the other books I have read tend to provide more information and more meaningful projets for someone learning to smith, especially Mark's book.

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