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  1. Just an honest discussion? You made negative comments about a power hammer you've never used. If you like the Ironkiss, then explain why you like the Ironkiss. Don't explain how it will "outwork the marketing ER pants off of a Big Blu." Especially since you've never personally used one. Then, maybe, it will be an honest discussion. And yes, to satisfy your curiosity, I have used both hammers. That is why I am qualified to say that an Ironkiss is a good hammer. Besides, I never said anything negative about the Ironkiss' performance. Once again, the Ironkiss is good power hammer, but for the price you could get a Big Blu and pay for most, if not all, of the air compressor. I have a lot of respect for all the good work Mr. Larson puts into his hammers. The man that started this thread was seeking suggestions for his first utility hammer. My suggestion was based the price, quality, and customer service associated with Big Blu. Mr. Larson, if you're reading this, please don't think I have anything against you or your fine product. I'm just starting to notice a trend around here of people salivating a chance to insult anything that has to do with Big Blu.
  2. After leaving it up all day defaming a company that's never done anything to you.
  3. That's not what I was trying to say at all. The point I was trying to make is; If the Big Blu is good enough for them then it should be good enough for anyone. As I said earlier, the Ironkiss is a nice utility hammer but costs $2500 more.
  4. If you've never worked on a Big Blu then how do you know the large quantity of sales is not due to the hammer being a high quality product? If you've never worked on a big blu, WHY ARE YOU MAKING A COMMENT ABOUT THEIR HAMMER!? What you said was knocking the Big Blu. Now that I know you've never used one I think you extremely rude and irresponsible. It seems to me you wanted to get an argument started. This thread was not started to compare the Ironkiss with the Big Blu. Someone wanted suggestions on what utility hammer to buy. Everyone posted with their suggestions until the Big Blu haters, including you, decided to start with insults. I don't understand what's going on around here with the Big Blu haters, but I would appreciate an explanation. Just this morning their was a thread focusing on their hand hammers and now it's gone! What gives?
  5. +2505 for the Big Blu. Or should I say -$2505. That's how much money you will save. Check out the work the Big Blu guys make everyday using the Big Blu hammers @ Oak Hill Iron. If you guys (those of you who, for some reason, like to bash Big Blu) can explain to me how such nice stuff gets produced on these "inferior" hammers, I'm all ears. The ironkiss is a really nice hammer but almost everyone is a one-of-kind hammer that could one day need a replacement part. So if you want a reliable hammer that will get the job done at a reasonable price, go with the company that sells 150-200 hammers a year instead of the guy that makes and sells maybe one per month.
  6. Anyone going to the SBA Conference in Madison, GA?
  7. Brian, That is a great supply of fullers. I would like to know which ones you use to make your hammer cheeks. How wide are they and does the radius matter that much? I'm thinking I can just use the part of my swage block that resembles your radius the most. Do you think that will be OK? Thanks a lot
  8. You can get a new, 336 lb Euroanvil for just under $1000.
  9. Rutterbush, What is the brand of the cracked anvils?
  10. tat2dgrizz, Check out the Euroanvils. John Elliott is bringing an anvil, that my friend bought, to the NC-Abana meeting at Big Blu on March 21. This is saving a lot in shipping. Your in NC right? You can't beat that price, it's new, and there's a lot of well known smiths using them w/out complaints.
  11. Is there some kind of prejudice or dislike of Big Blu on this site? I'm still kind of new so I don't know the history. I think they're great guys. Brian, You are a very impressive tool maker. I can't afford that hammer making kit you're selling, but would be very interested in purchasing the DVD. Thanks
  12. I used it at QuadState and thought it was great. As stated earlier, it doesn't cycle like a power hammer. The guy using it to make hammers was able to develop a good rhythm with tapping his toe on the treadle. I would talk to the guys that sell them at Postville Blacksmith Shop and find out when you can test one at a hammer-in.
  13. I think they're out of stock. I wrote the Blacksmith Supply to inquire about an anvil and they told me they are having to move the patterns to USA for casting. They must be having problems with the foundry overseas. I hope this doesn't mean a price increase but it probably does.
  14. google refractory supplier there in your town. A lot of time they have to throw out or discount out dated supplies. these supplies are just fine for us but do not meet industry standards for freshness.
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