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Tool names, Christmas greetings & Thanks!

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OK for us poor devils who aren't Artist Blacksmiths. What are Monkey tools, and Butcher tools.
And if I don't get to say it again, Have a Very Happy Christmas, and the new year you would wish for yourself!!!!
Thanks to Frosty, Jymm H, Mark A, Ice Czar, and everyone else who have made this the best new discovery of my 2008!:)
Paul Hook.

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What does a monkey tool look like?
A "Monkey" wrench? In England they are known as Stillson's after the guy who marketed them, another example of "two nations divided by a common language". Would you use a butcher to make tenons.
Off the subject, between Balto, G Burg & York. New Berlin?

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I'm assuming this is a serious inquiry....

This is what I know as a monkey tool.

If you are doing traditional joinery and forge a round tenon, a monkey tool is used to 'set' the shoulder (make it square) on a tenon and/or upset the shoulder for effect. The hole in the side of the monkey tool could be for escaping scale, or a visual for you to be sure the tenon is not bottoming out in the tool. The monkey tool is placed over your forged tenon, then struck with a hammer,


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A butcher is more like a chisel with a very wide blade, with a 45 degree angle to it. Here is a picture of one with a side set tool also. It is not particularly knife like.

You use the butcher to isolate a mass to be forged out into tenon's and filials. The side set is used to move the mass away from the shoulder after you've butchered down to your desired thickness.


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