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I Forge Iron

I had my first sale today

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Better yet!
I manage a lumber yard as my real job.
I have been in my office and heard people come up to the sales counter and ask. "where are the BBQ tools?"
My sales people direct them to my office, where I keep a couple sets hanging on the wall.
I have had people come in and buy a set, then come back and get more for gifts.
One person has so far bought a single flipper, a 2 piece set, flipper and fork, and 3 3 piece sets, flipper, fork, and spatula.

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Getting past the stone walls and learning curves doesn't seem so bad when a forever lasting warm feeling of success and satisfaction overtakes you. When I look back at my first pieces, i, for a second, think how did i ever get excited about that; then i remember it wasn't just the work in the piece, it was also the feeling I had of thrill that someone could appreciate something I made. that feeling should never go away. (or your getting stagnant in your work and it's time to learn something new).

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