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hunting knife in the works


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This is a practice piece. Again, working on the hammering technique, this one completely formed with the hammer including the bevel. (except where I cut off the rod I had welded on for a handle) It is made from an old nicholson file. I've already finished it up with my new grinder. I'll get more pics up tomorrow.

DSC_7070.jpg DSC_7072.jpg

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Thanks for the comments guys, i've attached the scales to the blade and done a little sanding. Should have it finished up this weekend and another picture. This will officially be the first knife i've finished with a handle on it. ;-) That W1 leaf knife i made was actually my first "finished" knife, only cuz it didn't need a handle. I've got a few others that are still in need of some work and handles. Handles being a part which I've barely put any time into practicing making yet.

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Thanks again everyone. And thanks for the compliment Steve. I really appreciate your comments. I still think i've got to figure out a few more things before I would even try selling a blade. I've only finished a few knives and yet to do any kind of an edge holding test on any of them. Once I get a few more out I'll try to do something like the abs bladesmith test against them because that seems pretty standard.

However I don't know that I'd ever get into selling them. Right now this is a hobby for me, i don't know how much i would ask for a blade or whatever i would ask would it be fair and worth the time in put into them... i dont know...

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