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Just a couple of questions.....


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Hey guys, I'm currently working on a pair of tongs; my first pair in fact. I have looked around a bit trying to find a good guide on making rivets but none of the guides I have seen make much sense to me. Any advice on how to make rivets or what size they should be for a large pair of tongs would be appreciated.

After I get done with these tongs I will be working on a hammer which brings me to my second question. What size hole should I make for the handle of a good sized hammer. It will probably be around 3 - 5 pounds.

Thanks for any help in advance guys.

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rivet makeing is a pain... eayser to buy them than make. but if you have to make one by hand take the stock your going to use heat the end put it in vice with the hot end sticking up above the vice enuf for the head pien down(may take several heats ) clean up sholdier with file or grinder and thee ya go.. the problem is getting a good looking head that is centered (tends to want to bend over )and the time ...good luck!

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Why not just put piece of bar of the right diameter, approximately the thickness of the joint, plus 3 to 4x the diameter of the bar, and rivet it equally from both sides of the tongs,
Heat it and use rivet sets if you want to or just leave it rustic.

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