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I Forge Iron

Anybody seen one of these?

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Yes there are pretty common, generally plumbed for natural gas and a REAL GAS HOG, they were designed for industrial shops and generally lined with hard fire brick. You would probnably need a larger gas supply line to your place than a standard home one for it.

With the movable top piece thay can be a great tool for heating large items that won't fit in a conventional forge.

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i used one about that size back in high school worked great but like thomas said gas hog i think it had a 2" gasline on it the one thing i din't like was you really couldn't heat stuff in the middle you had to put you work down in the hole so if you wanted it heated in the middle we used a rose bud and the teacher there didn't really like he prefered the coal forge that the school made them take out and put one of these in

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The Johnson Appliance Co. will supply a propane conversion kit with instructions, parts and whatever other support you might need for it.

I have a #133a on a trailer I'll probably never set up. I got it at an estate sale, an all or nothing deal or I would've left it for someone else.


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