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Anvil ID help Please

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Attached are pics of my Grandpa's anvil that I am hauling back to TN, it weighs 163 lbs on a bathroom scale, for what it is worth. I can't make out much for lettering. In the first line I can maybe make out an H and an I?

And down near the bottom I see an E? Looks like 4 lines of lettering.

Dad did the welding, it is my job to do the finishing.






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from what I could make out and referenced from AIA (not the updated new info postman has in the mousehole book) it looks to be from 1820-1875.

the middle number couldnt be a 4....so I think its a 1 with some extra marks. the 0 must be part of a twenty according to the weight on the scales (112+28+20=160)

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Yeah , mine you can see where they forge weld the horn to the body, They mouse hole co. made their anvils in 12 or 14 pices anvils until PW come along with their 2(actually 3) piece anvils ,then mousehole started using their method. I have the Mousehole forge book from richard postman which tells ALOT about ho wthey where made and the hitsory , owners ETC.

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