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Casting butt caps?

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Hello everyone!! I was looking at some Japanese tantos(or small katana looking daggers) and was wondering how they make the butt caps. I want to make a wooden handle one and needed to make a butt cap. My forge is good and I have melted whole bags of nails, but I need a crucible or something to contain the liquid iron. I know aluminium melts easy, but I'd rather iron. Thanks for any tips!!!

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you would need a crucible to melt iron when melting iron use borax for flux and molding sand to make a sand mold the best is to check out some of the casting sites for different ways they doit most tell you you need a cupala furnace but the guy at BackyardMetalcasting.com has melted castiron in a crucible with a wast oil furnace i would check him out and use some of his ideas as he has tried a lot of ideas that many said would not work and it does work he made a furnace out of a flue pipe and concret and it lasted for over a year any way i would check out a few different places on casting and go from there

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