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I Forge Iron

A really interesting forge design

Sam Falzone

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I saw this forge on the UK-ebay site. I love this idea. I knew I would have to share this with everyone. This has got to be the most elegant portable side-blast design I have ever seen. One day i'm going to have to try and make one.

BTW, for all our UK smiths who are on the hunt for anvils, the UK-ebay site seems to be just rife with anvils (I counted at lease 6 anvils that caught my eye at pretty reasonable prices).

Enjoy the pics.


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I call it a riveters forge, its what my parents gave me as a birthday present many years ago which started my interest/addiction to smithing.
The only down side I found was being a dry tuyere, over time it slowly burned away.
What is left of my forge is now sat rusting away in retirement after several years of good service.

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This forge is very simular to two that are illustrated in Haslucks Smiths work book.

One has the round bellows below the fire pot and has a wet side blast configuration with a rectangular table and hood.

The other(for which there are complete instructions to build) has the round bellows below a round fire pot/table, dry side blast and no hood.

This may be a little off topic, but I have heard that copper tuyers last longer then cast iron. If both of them are dry.

The claimed reason is that the copper is cooled off better by the incoming air then the cast iron is and the copper reflecting more of the heat of the fire then the cast iron doesn't have to get rid of as much heat.

Has anyone tried or heard of anyone trying a copper tuyer?

Caleb Ramsby

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in the sixties i fixed one onto a motorbike sidecar with a anvil and went round farms shoing horses and tool dressing at quarries ,i repaced the tueiron with stainless steel and fitted a hand leaver to work the bellows ,the foot leaver was dificult to use ,i wedged a block of wood under the wheel to steady the rig when working on the anvil. it was used for 4 or so years untill i finished my aprenticeship and set my own shop up. Now theres a good idea ,my bike was a old x army sidecar bren gun carrier, go for it with a brand new harly davidson and go wild with the paint job

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