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  1. Hi Steve Glad to here you are on the way. I always use eastlake they have always been very good,and when you expand they do employers liability. Good luck
  2. where in the world are you ? I am looking for contacts in Bulgaria.
  3. some of my forges http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f86/heating-oil-tank-forge-12285/#post117792 and http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f7/what-forges-made-8650/index2.html#post82766
  4. Hi I have a SAF 625 runs on 415v and cuts up to1"but I have just replaced the torch and that cost me
  5. Ill bet I have been asked to do work by the same architects.
  6. Hi we remove and replace lead set railings all the time and we just drill four holes in the lead and then force the lead into the holes then the railings will lift out.
  7. Nope, not that I have heard of, but you never know.

  8. Just saw where you are from, we have a Devon here in Alberta Canada just SSW of Edmonton.

  9. hi just another way, cut with an oxy/gas torch as in weld prepping a large plate then grind the bevel smooth .
  10. This opportunity is for a voluntary worker who will receive training in Lew of wages part or full time. we have run this for a number of years and volunteers have been given payed jobs after a time. The first lad to do this with us now has his own forge and is training his own apprentice, The work that would be done covers all aspects of the blacksmiths work from tool making to forging to fitting and painting .Are work load is vaired in type ie restoration, artistic,we forge wrought iron ,mild steel and stainless steel, we also work with brass and copper.
  11. Free training for voluntary workers we have a place for a volunteer to work with are team at Devon Blacksmiths Meadow Forge in Devon UK
  12. The best way to make something look 500 years old is to leave it for 500 years apart from that we have to blend in repairs to old work so as not to look like they have been repaired the last job was 5 large church windows from 1717 all the iron section at that time was hand drawn and so varied in size along its length this is were you must start and then continue with the same tools and techniques that were used at the time the originals were made this takes a long time to build up the skills to make it look convincing,just keep trying it will come right in the end.
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