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Location searchability?

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Mulciber, Welcome to I Forge Iron.
Lots, and lots of very good smiths in Colorado.
Try this: Rocky Mountain Smiths, Colorado Blacksmiths
Best of luck!
Ted Throckmorton

I'm already a member of RMS. I attended one conference three months ago. It was their annual conference. I didn't meet anyone close enough to visit. The people I did meet there were a bit on the unfriendly side (other than the drunk ones). I may not go back to their annual conference again next year due to the lack of locals and the general atmostphere. So far I haven't had any interaction with them since. They're supposed to mail out a quarterly pamphlet but I haven't seen anything. Beginning to wonder if they took my 100$ and ran. They seem to be a fairly dead group, no contacts, galleries, forum. They have a couple events from time to time but it seems that they are more supplimental to other people's events than putting on their own. Overall, I'm unimpressed enough that I've thought of creating my own chapter within ABANA but I feel that would be a bit premature with my hulking three months experience. To grind them to just a bit finer dust, I've had more luck putting out random ads on Craigslist.com finding blacksmiths.

I did find someone offering classes that I would like to take(through craigslist).

Feel free to send me an email if you are within an hour or two of Denver. I would ideally like to go over to, or have someone come over to my shop for a visit and/or forging session.

Anyhow, off to the shop for me! Thanks for the replies. Edited by Mulciber
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