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Ring Rolling?

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Anyone have experience rolling rings (like for old-fashioned steel cart wheels?)

I saw this small ring-roller at HFT yesterday. It is rated to roll 3/16 x 1-inch strip steel.

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I really need to roll 1/4-inch x 2-inch to 12-inch diameter. Wonder if I could either roll two 1-inch width rings, then MIG-weld them together at the center, or, perhaps if I heated the 1/4 x 2-inch strip, I could Hot-Roll the rings?

Is there any other or better way to do this at home? I looked into buying/cutting 12-inch pipe into wheels once, and it's cost-prohibitive.

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I wouldn't roll the 1 inch ones then weld them together... I think distortion will rear it's ugly head. Using a ring roller is the way to go. I don't know if you're interested in making one but I roll alot of 3/16" rings, so I made my own. I've rolled 1/2" X 2" solid before easily.

This is what mine looked like right after I finished it, caster wheels and bottle jack from Northern tools. The rest was all scrap parts.

If I had to do it over again... I'd probably buy that 89.00 one Jimbob posted though.


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I have that exact same HF ring roller, it works well when used within it's design specifications. It won't roll 2 inch stock there are ring rollers that will but they are pricey. I have had best results when I roll the ring weld the ends together and then put it back in the roller and run it around a couple times to remove the flat spot where the ends met.

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Scratch, your roller looks very well built, I imagine you get a lot of good use out of it! Does the hydraulic jack provide enough fine control to adjust your finish sizes by small increments as needed?


Well... it's a hydraulic bottle jack so yes I can put 1/2 a pump on it and it'll roll a tiny bit tighter, but it's not an "exact" type procedure. On the project that I use it for all the time, I have to make a 12.75" ring, out of 3/16" X 1/2" flat bar. I just get it between 12-13" inches and do the final fitting as I cut and weld it together.
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