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got some 1/2" thin wall pipe, blanked one end and drilled a 2mm hole in it, placing this on the floor i tried differant size pipes, 1" -thru to 2" about 8" long over the end of the 1/2" to make a burner then with a long, long pipe to an adjustable reg on the bottle, what effect does the length and diameter outside tube have aslo what difference does the position of the jet in the length of the tube make, and naturally aspirated or blown air??? and lastly and most important what saftey features should my forge need when im stood next to it not 40' away in experimental mode

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yea that guy has just about all the info you need.. and to answer your last question safety glasses and a cutoff valve not including the regulator (it will still let out about 1 psi when closed) which could be just a standard ball valve from ace or homedepot, ace tends to carry it alot more often though. The reason for the second valve is so you can turn off the flow immediatly if gets out of hand instead of turning it off at the tank. Plus some gloves until you know everything is safe.

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