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  1. goodwill stores? are they charity shops?
  2. what i meant was, what can i find in a scrapyard thats made of tin? im thinking pennies not dollars
  3. just putzing around with my furnace and i'd like to make some bronze what in todays age contains enough tin to use (thats cheap or scrap) ive seen pewter used but that doesnt fall into either category
  4. look for artful bodger on you tube, i made his waste oil furnace, hes a really helpful guy
  5. ive made a aertful bodger waste oil furnace and after some exciting first few runs it now is house trained. after seeing the post about miniture anvils i thought thats a brilliant iconic practise shape to work on. i made a split pattern in MDF and cast an ali that came out ok so quickly rammed up another mold and did one in iron. ive tried to post a pic but dont know where its gone? in every answer i find 2 more questions, after my initial success ive been plauged with problems and blamed the sand to dry, to wet, not enough active clay not enough draft on the pattern, i think im getting there but not quick enough for my liking. ive just cast 2 12"x2" blanks to machine up for muller wheels. does anyone use degasser and flux for ali? if so what?
  6. if you use angle iron moulds for ali ingots must you preheat them? or does it depend on how thick the metal is? ive seen a video of ali exploding in a cold mould but cold baking trays are ok? i usually just try it but dont feel inclined to be adventerous with moulten metal
  7. i want to make a small melting furness , ive seen the coffee pot style with wool refractory, could i get away with castable refractory to avoid the dust XXXX element of wool/fibre lining
  8. Hi just got a bridgeport turret mill, cut a key slot today in a 1 1/4" S/S bar, dont know how fast to expaect it to cut though, i was using a 8mm (3/8ths") carbide 4 flute end mill,920 rpm, 2"/min travel and cut 1mm (1/25th") per pass i want to know if im being hesitant or reckless on what i done today? for using say 3/8ths, 1/2" 1nd 3/4" endmills what should my cut depth, pass rate. and rpm be, prob in 316 Stainless Steel and what differance would machining mils make? just need some guide ,lines, milling is sooo tiresome compared to turning with things spinnin fast and swarf flying in your face,
  9. thanks, where do i look for "Google Ron Reil.mt" ? cant find anythin?
  10. got some 1/2" thin wall pipe, blanked one end and drilled a 2mm hole in it, placing this on the floor i tried differant size pipes, 1" -thru to 2" about 8" long over the end of the 1/2" to make a burner then with a long, long pipe to an adjustable reg on the bottle, what effect does the length and diameter outside tube have aslo what difference does the position of the jet in the length of the tube make, and naturally aspirated or blown air??? and lastly and most important what saftey features should my forge need when im stood next to it not 40' away in experimental mode
  11. you need to get alongside a welder to watch and learn from, ive always found it easier to learn by watchin and doin than readin, so when you practise you know youre doin it right and not just gettin into some bad habits. I not used stick much for 10years but it still has its place, like outside in the wind, or for speacials, but mig is soo fast, and no slag, you still gota get youre angles right so keep practisin
  12. you could always move to a nice country where even the wild life is civilised, nothing poisonous is allowed, nothing attempts to eat you (except mosquitoes) but even they've got appathy?
  13. the only problem i would have with that is the grinding marks and scratches, however fine, are going the wrong way, ie around the point in stead of along it, dont know how much difference it makes, in real terms, but it goes against how i was taught.I just use a very fine wheel, just for this job and holdin the tungsten verticle, spin in in my fingers, only takes 3sec anyway (longer than that and the heats there already)
  14. hi jerry, didnt get any photos of yours and couldnt find them on the site you mentioned. Jr's photo doesnt (to me ) make it clear how it works, got any pictures that more clearly show pivot points etc. with a view to makin one? Your quote does me good everytime i see it, cheers, geoff
  15. if you cant acheive what you want with your best efforts and all your skill then use your intelligence/cheat. you gota be able to piece it together and tack it up at the back, i would! if i was limited to makin only what i was skillful enough for, i wouldnt have done half what i have. do a stylised lanyard knot.
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