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where to get chimney pipe?


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Where do you live? If you are near an agricultural area, consider looking for grain auger pipe. They come in sizes ranging from five inch diameter up to over fourteen. You can put one inside ther other for insulating purposes. The pipe also varies in gauge thickness - so a cautionary note on how heavy it may get for long lengths is needed as well as a suitable means of supporting it. I currently have an eighteen foot long length of eleven inch diameter three-sixteenth wall (or so) - salvage from someone else's misfortune while the auger was in transport.

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Look for materials. I use a 24 inch diameter chimney and it works for my forge. Jerry Carroll suggested the inside of a hot water heater, 11 ga pipe in 14, 16, 18 inch dia. The outside thin tin metal can be rolled into what ever diameter you want. Be careful of the coatings it may have.

Why not start looking for round things. Industrial or ag *things*, or look for culverts, drain pipe, or if your in oil field country 10 inch or what ever size drill pipe.

And who said it had to be round? Square works. So think HVAC, welding two pieces of BIG angle iron together, or welding 4 pieces of plate steel together.

Nothing wrong with using 6 inch and a BIG vacumn fan to suck the smoke out of the way. Why not use 3 or 4 ea of 6 inch pipes ganged together? The whole idea is to get rid of the smoke, not now you got rid of it. You only have to think outside the box if you box yourself in to begin with. Your a blacksmith, do what blacksmiths do best, solve the problem.

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