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I Forge Iron

"Pure Iron"

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pure iron is steel with very low carbon content. easy to work and weld - similar to wrought iron i believe as i never have had the chance to work with real wrought iron ;)
but it has not the same appearance because of a totally different creation process without layers of slag and silica


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Pure iron is an acceptable substitute for wrought iron if specified by architects,

It forges and forge welds easily. It forges down to lower heat than you would forge wrought or mild.

In practice it transmits and absorbs/retains heat along its length, and you will need to use tongs to hold the workpiece when forging. This is probably why you can forge it in a wider heat range.

It is diffficult to tell the difference between finished forged pure iron and forged steel in appearance. It is supposed to be more resistant to rust, but still needs a finishing process.

It is also more expensive than mild steel.

If you get the opportunity, try some for yourself, and make your own mind up.

Bruce Wilcock may know more about the forging and use of pure iron.

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Ref to BW aded
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So is this better than wrought? Does it last longer????
Like everything else, it depends on finish and location, with modern techniques,and attention / regular examinination, and any necessary remedial action taken, mild steel will probably last as long.

Contrary to myth, wrought iron does rust and delaminate, it may resist rusting better, but still needs proper maintenence to keep it in good condition.

As for the pure iron, has it been around long enough to make a validated opinion? I am afraid I don't know the answer to that.

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Pure iron by one name or another has been around since Bessemer invented his process.

Working pure iron is different than wrought. You have to work wrought at near welding heat where pure iron prefers much lower temps, from high red to black.

I've only played with a little once but have listened to guys who have used it a bit.


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I have some .005 carbon content .... almost like clay when real hot yellow...but really works good at the red dark heat it draws amazingly easy....i used a chisel on it today and it wasnt colored at all and it didnt take much of a hit to make a mark.... after you work some real tuff stuff like a rasp or mower blade hit on this stuff its relaxing....like a cool down cause it behaves so well......

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