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Gun cold blue does not wear well, I personally hot blue.
Pain in the U know what to setup for that though, if you are still considering paint you might want to try KG Gunkote. Its a paint that is airbrushed on then baked in a oven.
Far far more durable than regular paint, I use a $10 airbrush from Harbour freight and it applies it quite well.

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YouTube - Random Cut Twist

here is a short video i found on where they made a knife out of a railroad spike and talks about how he got the handle black something to do with spraying it with wd40 as it cools
during the forging process. it made a nice gun metal like black coating on it dont know exactly how to do i didn't pay attention to that part so much don't know how durable it is either but its worth watching
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Hi, I was playing with some Damascus and etching solution one night a while back and came up with an etch I liked. So after cleaning off the acid I coated the blade with 4 and 1 oil to help set the etch. Then for some reason I don't remember put the blade in a toaster oven at 350 Degrees for a while. When I pulled it out the bright silver and black had turned to gunmetal blue and dark brown. I liked the effect so I kept it. Turns out it is pretty durable too.

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