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recent work-the door

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So i was installing the handles today. Yes, on sunday! but the customer is the boss...
Unfortunately it is difficult to make a good pic from the door as it sits in the shady entrance and lots of light is coming through the house from the opposite side.

The base of the door is made from ms tubing, the copper sheet is being used as cover.
The stops (?) are from stainless tube, the center part is stainless flat bar, the grilles are forged from 16mm and the handles from 25mm stainless round bar. copper collars are used to hide the welds of the scrolls.
I used no finish to allow time and weather to form the patina. The door accommodates to glass panels which can be opened indepedantely whereas the security grille stays closed. Security is a big issue here in South Africa but folks does also like fresh air :D

Happy weekend (now!)



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1. The frame is made from 100x50x2 rec. tube plus - on the glasspanel side - a 25x1.6 sq. tube which allows the glasspanel to be flush with the door.
2. The copper cover is glued with a special product, dont remember the brand at the moment but there are different good products out there...
3. One of my first projects when started blacksmithing was to build a 100# rusty-style hammer (for me the most fascinating part in the blacksmith trade is the work with the powerhammer)
4. The hinged panels accomodate ca. 7mm security glass, the only type and size you may use here
5. i have posted close up of the handles yesterday

Found today another pic of a similar mild steel only door i made last year (unfortunately i have only a few pics of my work since im working in SA)



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Very nice doors. I like your scroll word. That is some big dog on the inside too. I bet it helps with security. Is it really that unsettled down there? Thirty years ago I shared studio space with a fellow from SA and he said it was getting nasty so he and his wife moved to Arizona to get away form it and start a family. He made steel security window and door grates also. Very talented fellow but still carried a pistol every day here just like in SA, even at the forge. In Arizona you don't need a permit to carry exposed only concealed. I hope that your business continues to grow because your work is good and not because things are unsettled.

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for the interested: my mom shot some pics from the door construction (didn't know until yesterday). I uploaded them to the user gallery

copper door construction - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

Huh? 30 years? don't know, as democracy in SA is only ten years old now and i settled 5 years ago.
I love the people and the country and of course there are places you shouldn't go, but thats the same everywhere in the world. Until now in my live i was robbed once and that was in germany :confused:

Anyway, happy about the nice comments

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Yeah thirty years ago the place was still there but having lots of problems with apartheid so he got his wife and himself out. So where were you before SA? Hey I like Lucky. I got two Huskies myself, the male is black & white with one blue & one marble eye and the female is white and grey with one blue and one brown eye, crazy, loving dogs that run like the wind. Is your power hammer anvil made of concrete or is it solid steel? Your mother did a good job of documenting the door build for your. You should take her out to dinner.:D

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im coming from germany. Nearly we would have been relocated to the US as my brother is born there it would have been no problem to immigrate, but he choose then to stay in germany and we went to SA...
Yes, Lucky is a crazy dog, loving and cuddly. but to be accurate he's not husky but alsakan malamute :rolleyes:
of course the anvil is steel, found lots of these pieces on the scrap yard. i have made the base of concrete now (still sand only in the pic) as the hammer was walking around in my shop...

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