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nickel or nickel silver plate?


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it's for a buffett table top.....to be given a hammered texture and a 1/4" raised rim around the exterior so hopefully its ok to Tig. stainless was a no go. clients wanted the nickle for its soft luster. i thought the nickel silver might have a little more yellow in it from the copper. will nickle silver oxidize or does it have enough nickel to counter act this? this stuff has to be a minimum of 3/16" thick. i have a request in to the K&G supply house that Firegnome supplied but i haven't heard back yet.

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Nickle Silver does tarnish with a yellowish/brownish tarnish, not quite the blackish tarnish of true silver.

They should expect to have to polish their table top before parties.

Could you sweat thinner Nickle or Nickle Slver sheet to a copper base and work that?

Look at how sheffield plate was done.

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Sure can. Look at the fresh water connection to your toilet in your house. The stub out that the valve hangs on. Some builders specify silvered, so the plumber heats it up, fluxes, and wipes some solder on, uses a rag to smooth it. Many plumbers I know do it as a matter of form because so many people prefer that look. It also take less than 30 seconds to do that little pipe.


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Nickle Ni is an element like iron Fe, It is magnetic and a silver Grey. Nickle Silver AKA German silver is a Nickle copper alloy or a plating. it has NO silver in it. Welding or brazing a plated finish will ruin it. Good luck you might be in over your head with this job.

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One of the largest domestic suppliers of nickle silver and other copper based Alloys is:
The Miller Company

If you look through their information you will discover that nickle silver is not one alloy but several different alloys some containing zinc and some containing lead and a few alloys are actully silver and nickle.
I belive that the most commonly used alloy is 770 which seems to be the most friendly to out processes.

A while a go I had the notion to create a piece out of nickle silver 770 but was unable to fine any sheet in the size/thickness I wanted to to use at a price I could afford.

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