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Pintle Tow Ring Swage


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I bought a pintle tow ring on eBay for $15.25.  The dimensions are 5 ½” OD, 2 3/8” ID, 1 5/8” thick.   It has a 1 ½” diameter tenon 1” long.  It was likely forged of tough and weldable medium carbon  steel.  This might be a good swage for forming a large ladle.  I will need to forge or grind down the tenon boss for it to lay flat on my anvil.  The tenon could be forged square for it to fit the hardy hole to allow the ring to be used upright as a bottom fuller.  I will let you know how this works.  There are plenty more pintle tow rings on line if you want to try one.  What do you think?


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I'd grind the boss down on both top and bottom and weld the tenon onto a shank to fit the hardy hole, so that the ring would be centered over the anvil's sweet spot. Make sure to clean up the ring's surface, because any flaws will mar the surface of your forging. Also, remember that you can use this to forge larger hollow shapes; I've forged an 8" bowl over a 2-1/2" ring.

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