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Belt grinder plans.


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I am new to blacksmithing but I have been playing with an idea and design made from an old bench grinder.  Still working on the design, but the short sweet version is buying the belts and wheels and using some 2 inch square tubing  and plate steel, my problem I am working on is I want to be able the change the configuration for different grinding needs but still have the work deck for things like knife jigs and such.  So if I ever get what's in my head on paper, I will share it.  Honestly I have seen these grinders online, I thing I can make one cheaper than I can buy one.

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I thought about building my own but by the time I added up everything it was a small amount to pay extra for a tried and true base that would be at my door before I could collect the parts.

The expense is the motor, which I had a compressor motor already, and variable control. I opted to go the belt and pulley route to keep the cost down. One of these days I'll upgrade it.

I don't necessarily like to reinvent the wheel, just modify it. It ended up costing about 750 and was running 5 days after ordering.

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Making a belt grinder isn't hard IF you know how to weld well and control the pulling so everything comes out square and true. It is NOT a beginner's project if you want one that works properly. Our club had a 2 day build clinic and purchased materials in quantity including motors, the member price ran $130. I salvaged a 220v single phase 3hp hot tub motor and have yet to put a speed control on it but it works a treat. 

If you're not an experienced welder fabricator I highly recommend you buy one.

Frosty The Lucky.

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