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Linisher vs belt grinder

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My dad is looking at getting a linisher for a workshop that he owns, but I am trying to convince him to get a belt grinder. How does something like the one pictured below compare in terms of versatility to your average 2x72 belt grinder. And would it be possible to grind a knife on one? 


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The linisher shown is an industrial belt grinder, probably has at least 3 HP and will out perform any 2"x72" belt grinder I've ever seen. Not that I've seen a lot of commercially made 2x72s but I doubt they're in the same league by a long shot.

Frosty The Lucky.

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10 hours ago, BayardStrachan said:

And would it be possible to grind a knife on one?

Based on the picture you provided, you only have access to a small portion of the grinding belt.  That portion is curved.  If that is all you have to work with then any knife ground on that machine will have a hollow grind (assuming you are grinding with the blade perpendicular to the belt travel.   In my opinion that's not a good option for knife grinding unless there are other orientations that will allow you to do flat platen grinding at a minimum. The ability to use different diameter wheels is also helpful for getting the shapes you want on some profiles.   Pretty much all of those things can be done with some combination of angle grinders, files, or other stock removal options, but only in rare cases will any of them match the belt grinder for quickly removing material consistently and within tolerances acceptable for blade making.

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