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Debi has been working on building an adjustable knife grinding jig for a while now. I helped her with some of the grunt work like filing, drilling and tapping some holes etc. Finally got it finished today. I donated two old cast iron file handles and it looks pretty good and works like a charm.



Knife attached



Adjusted for cutting edge grinding.


Need I say, I'm proud of her for all the work she did on it. She found the steel in our resource pile and did all the cutting to shape, layout of the holes drilled & tapped etc.



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I tested it with the Seax blade that I forged in the picture. It works very well a whole lot better than I can free hand.

This is a ladies three finger knife that Debi used the jig to do the grinding. Hopefully the bevel above the tape shows. I'm supposed to make a scabbard for it hence the tape so I don't cut myself it's scary sharp.:D


I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sails. ~ Semper Paratus

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Yes, it will rotate to any angle wanted by loosening the big wing nut. It is a companion jig to the first one posted made out of square tubing with wood inserts as jaws. The only drawback we found is it's limited to blade length it will accept.

I can't control the wind, all I can do is adjust my sail’s.
Semper Paratus


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